Wallingford Regatta. Sunday 1 May

KCH Teamsheet: https://kingschester.fireflycloud.net/rowing/events

Event Details: https://wallingford-regatta.org.uk/

The King`s School, Chester (KCH)

39Op Schools 8+ Heat AR76 15:00Lane 1
74Op J15 8+ Heat AR66 14:00Lane 1
195Op Sch/Jun 4- Heat AR32 10:36Lane 5
299W Schools 4+ Heat BR73 14:42Lane 4
314Op Schools 4x- Heat AR84 15:48Lane 4
370Challenge 2- FinalR99 17:18Lane 5
391Op Schools 2x Heat AR30 10:24Lane 4
395Op Schools 2x Heat BR31 10:30Lane 1
KSRC First race times – Sunday 1 May

Travel Details: Division 1 (AM) departing at 3pm from School on Saturday.

Division 2(PM) departing from school at 7am on Sunday morning. Return time (in the region of) 11-12pm, dependant on the progression of the crews through the regatta.