The clubs going “single use” plastic free – Live

June – August Rules, 2018:

  1. All athletes & coaches are asked to not bring single use plastic to the rowing club (we will be running a 50p charity fine from the start of September for any plastic at the club)
  2. All athletes are encouraged to pick up any plastic at the club and recycle it, water bottles should never be left on the landing stage.
  3. The first few weeks of plastic free will focus on the transition, every athlete is expected to invest in a reusable water bottle and name it.
  4. It is hoped that over the next few weeks that the athletes will take ownership of this initiative and it will be self regulated from the start of September.
  5. Plastic bags are banned from the club.

As part of the river community it is essential that all club members understand their responsibility to the river & ocean ecosystem. We will therefore be starting our campaign against single use plastic on the 9th June at the rowing club. The launch will be on the 9th June, with the club going completely single use plastic free on the 10th June.

In the build up to the event we will be running a daily run of educational information through our twitter feed to ensure that every athlete is fully informed behind the reasoning for this change. The senior exec. will also be supporting the event.

to make a start, some introductory reading can be found here: