Pudding Race Draw’19 – J14 Crews Now Live!

10am update 13-12-19 – current river levels have stabilised https://rloi.naturalresources.wales/ViewDetails?station=4173 & the weather is predicted to sunny with a fresh breeze. The plan is to race the pudding races on the water, perhaps over a shortened distance if required. Please therefore bring plenty of layer. If conditions are not rowable, then the pudding races will be completed in the gym in a team event.

Please Remember: All competitors (J14-J18) must be in the gym for the 8:45am briefing. Please be prompt as racing must commence at 9am.

2019 Pudding Race Programme

Details to be distributed on Classlist as to how to sponsor a crew for the Pudding Race. Sponsorship of a crew costs £50 and can be done by an individual, group or company. Details to follow on Classlist.