Details on the AGM in September 2020:

Joining the classlist group for the J14 New Rowers Morning (date TBC)

To book tickets (required) download the free Classlist app or visit www.classlist.com and search for The King’s School Chester. Complete your details and add your pupil to the KSRCPA – J14 rowers class. You will need to be verified first, but once that is complete then navigate to the Events page and you can book your free ticket(s) on the J14 New Parents Meeting event.

If you are already a member of Classlist then click on your Profile / My Children and add your pupil again to the KSRCPA – J14 class group.


Over the last fews years, the KSRCPA and the rowing club have developed a strong link with their patrons. Please see a list below of the current rowing club patrons:

KSRCPA Patrons – An Introduction

The constitution and governance documents can be found here: https://firefly.kingschester.co.uk/rowing/ksrcpa

2021-2022 KSRCPA Committee and contacts

Chair & Trustee Ashley Wilmot Chair.KSRCPA@gmail.com
Vicechair & Trustee   vicechair.ksrcpa@gmail.com
Treasurer & Trustee   treasurer.ksrcpa@gmail.com
Secretary & Trustee   Secretary.ksrcpa@gmail.com
Patron Liaison     
Events Co-ordination    
J16 Rep & Trustee    
Rowing support (catering)    
Communications Co-ordinator    
J14 Rep    
J15 Rep    
J17, J18 Reps    

Parental Support & Responsibilities

The athletes will not be able to achieve their goals with the full support of their parents. We hope that all parents will take an active interest in their child’s sporting development. This will be across a range of areas:




Motivation & Support

 In addition to this, it is key that all parents play an active part within the rowing club. This may be helping with tea and coffee on a Saturday morning pop up café or running the marquee at one of our away events.

We are always looking for new parents to become involved with the KSRCPA either as committee members or as “ad-hoc” volunteers.

If you feel you would like to help in any way ~ big or small ~ please feel free to contact any of the committee members by email.

The KSRCPA is always looking for new parents to become involved either as committee members or as ad-hoc volunteers.

  • The help we require each year ranges from serving food to King’s rowers at events (both home & away!) to transporting equipment (usually gazebos & catering supplies) to race venues. We also need parents to help with fund-raising activities – from baking cakes to running events.
  • If you feel you would like to support the Association in any way – big or small – we would love to hear from you.  You can      contact us via any of the addresses on the attached list.
  • We very much look forward to hearing from you.

To keep up to date with the KSRCPA please access their main website at: http://www.kingschester.co.uk/kings-school-rowing-club-parents-association

Please email KSRCPA@kingschester.co.uk to contact the KSRCPA directly


KSRCPA Annual Reports: http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Showcharity/RegisterOfCharities/CharityWithoutPartB.aspx?RegisteredCharityNumber=1144420&SubsidiaryNumber=0

The 2014-2015 annual report: KSRCPA Trustee Annual Report for 2014 – 2015

The 2013-2014 annual report: KSRCPA Trustee Annual Report for 2013 – 2014

The 2018-2019 annual report: